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Minecraft and Space?

Haven't you always wondered if you couldn't fly high into the vastness of space like the astronauts in a rocket? It has always been a fascination that keeps mankind looking up at the starry sky. In the world of virtual worlds, various developers have tried to make this feeling of freedom in space tangible for us gamers.

We have also made it our task. In Minecraft.

Minecraft is an open world game that gives you as a player the opportunity to be creative and let you as a player decide again and again with your own decisions how you want to design the game. Minecraft's multiplayer mode is no longer just about surviving with your friends in a world obsessed with old monsters in an RPG-style mode. No, it's more and more about creating new game modes that keep players facing new challenges. Among them there are classic Accarde games as well as complex simulations of the economy or other social constructs. The more players play the game, the more Minecraft becomes a gaming platform for everything. We have decided to tie in with our specially developed concept and to make an exciting but still strongly community-heavy game mode accessible to the public.

Why should you join

Brosmc is an international Minecraft project that has set itself the task of making Minecraft an indispensable gaming experience for young and old. Our first big project is PROJECT LOST IN SPACE: A Minecraft MMO in the future. After years of planning, we started developing this game mode and have now been working on it for over one and a half year. The Project is financed entirely out of our own pockets and is therefore a project that is shaped by our passion. We hope you like the server and the game mode. We look forward to you playing with your friends on the server. And we hope that you can also bring in your own suggestions.

In the future we will continue to bring regular updates for the space game mode and run everything on the latest Minecraft versions or make them available for new versions. We focus on the community and it is a big part of the network. If you want you can follow us on social media or join the discord. We are happy to add new members to our team, so take a look around.

Features of Lost in Space

We cannot guarantee the implementation of the following features for the alpha phase of the project


PROJECT LOST IN SPACE is based on a fictional story that takes you as the main character. You will explore space and fight enemies, collect resources, build spaceships, craft and much more.

Extensive Quest-System

The main task in this game mode is to complete quests. There are two types of quests: main and side quests.

Large Worlds

Space offers many possibilities. Fly your spaceship to different planets to explore them. Maybe you will discover something new?

Design your own Spaceship

Another main component is your spaceship. You can design it yourself. But it still has to be functional!

Real Economy Simulation

Money in this case gold plays a very important role in the game. We try to simulate a realistic economy. Own banking and share system speaks for itself.


Every good multiplayer RPG offers the possibility to form groups of players and fight together against the enemies. With the clan system we reflect this possibility. Team up with your friends and become the strongest clan on

PvP and PvE Components

Not only resource farming and exploration are part of the game but also fights, be it against other players or against entities that we have modified in an interesting way.

Language Support for English and German

Since this project has its origin in Germany, we support German language as well as English.

Instresting Boss-Fights

We try to make every Boss-Fight unique. Team up with Players to fight strong ones otherwise you will die.

Web- and Discordinterfaces

We plan to introduce inovative Concepts to display Informations on both Platforms to give you the best possible experience we can offer!

Immersive Multiplayer Experiences

You can play with your Friends. Team up in Clans, fight in Clanwars or form a Group to complete various Quest!