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About Project LOST IN SPACE

Of course you are now wondering what this space game fashion is all about. We try to tell you as much as we can without really spoiling you. The game mode is based on the Minecraft Adventure game mode. That means you can neither mine nor place blocks. That seems pretty boring at first, but it has the advantage that the worlds that have been built for months won’t be destroyed. You can still mine certain blocks, such as ores, with special tools. These raw materials are replaced by new ones if they are needed. You can place blocks too. But there is also an restriction here. Most of the blocks to place are intended for your spaceship, which each player can design themselves. But these can also only be used for the spaceship. There are various devices in your spaceship that make your spaceship functional. A board computer lets you navigate through the Alpha System. In addition, each player has his own mobile phone, with which he can stay in touch with other players via installed mobile apps or always have the most important functions at hand. Electricity generators and solar panels provide the necessary fuel for your spaceship to fly. You can land in the hangar on any planet and leave your spaceship. On the planets you can collect resources or fight against aliens. To survive, join forces in clans to fight together. Make alliances with other clans or go to war against hostile clans. You can fight other players in PVP zones on the planets. On every planet there are also trading centers and places where no combat takes place. There you can relax or get in touch with other players. Most of the game mode is also Discord compatible. This means you can access profiles or other information via our discord server or the Website. A proximity voice chat is also planned. In the background there is a story that gives you quests. You can solve these on the different planets to improve your skill level. This way you can secure rewards and show off your items and blocks to other players. The stronger you get, the more dangers lurk in the depths of the Alpha System. Explore and find out for yourself.

How we always stay organized

With such a large project it is important to be organized and a certain hierarchy enables us to work as efficiently as possible on the server. We meet in regular meetings and talk so often about who is doing what. We define our tasks and goals. We always remind each other when there is something important to do. This is what defines our community as a team. On the one hand there is the owner Fabi, who coordinates the entire team. All admins organize that the server is running and help the teams. Our individual, separate teams work independently and look for their next projects themselves. Whoever wants to build something just builds something. So we always have maximum efficiency and make rapid progress. Of course we are always looking for new team members so that they can support our team. Each team has one or more team leaders who distribute and supervise the work within the team. Of course, not everyone is always available and online. We do this as an addition to school or work, but we like to do it and can mostly organize ourselves. The admins also build and help set up the server. Our developers have an external test server so they don’t disrupt the building process. There is always something to do. We would like to thank the whole team for the great cooperation and would be happy if someone wants to join the team.

When will the Server be released?

At the moment we don't know exactly when you can expect the full release of the space game mode on brosmc. What we do know, however, is that the alpha phase, where you can test and play the game mode, should appear in August 2022.

If you want to stay up to date, you are welcome to join our Discordserver, here you will always find the latest news and you can take part in community events.